How to get your Tusker Broadhead Shaving Sharp in under 5 minutes
There are numerous ways to sharpen a Tusker Broadhead, the tips that follow are simply what works for me, and thousands of others around the world. These are sharpening tips, not the be all and end all of sharpening a Tusker Broadhead.
The factory grind I have put on each head is only intended to save you a little time by removing some of the material, it is not intended to be ready for use out of the packet or even at the correct angle for you to sharpen. By only removing some of the material with the factory grind, I am allowing you to sharpening your broadhead to your personal angle and taste.
And remember it's good practice to re-sharpen your Tusker Broadhead after each shot!

This is the 175gr Aztec, the largest Broad Head in my range, I can have this head honed to a shaving edge in under 4 minutes and with a bit of practice and using this method you to will be able to do the same.

You will need a coarse 12" file, fix it to a piece of timber (1 x 1 1/2) with screws or clamps.
On the other side I glue a piece of leather (an old belt I have used) smooth side up.
Now simply draw the head along the file toward you, keeping the head at an angle of 15 to 20
Caution - keep your other hand clear in case you slip, you could injure yourself.
Do both sides the same with long even strokes, you may need to apply more pressure at the start then less when finishing to get a smother edge.
Draw sharpen the Broad Head until you have fine feather the full length of the blade.
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Tusker Heading