Tusker Story
Allen Davies began his long and illustrious bow hunting career an 1962 when he purchased a fibreglass bow from a catalogue. His arrows were dowel obtained from the local hardware store, field points were self made from brass and fletches were feathers fashioned from a hot - wire jig, this equipment netted him his first game with a bow and arrow in that same year.

In early 1963 Allen made contact with George Scott and the Macquarie Bow hunting club, and in that first year produced the first 300 Davies Delta broad heads for a hunt with George and Lue Burley. This represented the early beginnings of what has made Allen a house hold name amongst Bow hunters - The Davies Broad Head was born.
Allen continued to experiment and change the design of the Delta head over the years until he perfected it, the head is the same and purchased by hunters still to this day.
He branched out and produced the Javelin in 1975 and then add to the range with the Aztec and Concorde models in 1978, by 1997 Allen had produced and sold over 1 million Broad Heads.
Despite Allen living in NSW, a great deal of his hunting has taken place in north Queensland where he was a frequent and welcome visitor, Allen treasured the friendships that he developed through the camaraderie of Bow Hunting and lists his most memorable bow hunting experience as being a canoe trip down the Gilbert River in North Queensland.
On this trip in 1981, Bill hill bagged his then Australian record Boar and all members of the party took quality trophy game.
Allen's most rewarding hunt was a trip to the Northern Territory with his son Shayne and Brian Heber in 1984, Ben Beumer and Bruce Weribone were their hosts and provided Allen with an opportunity to take his first Water Buffalo and biggest Boar.

Allen Davies with a Trophy Water Buffalo
Allen Davies with a Trophy Water Buffalo
John Teitzel with Record Chital (Azis) Deer
Allen sold the Business to well known North Queensland Bow Hunter John Teitzel in 1999, John continued with the Davies name for a couple of years before incorporating with his existing Bow hunting video business "Tusker Productions" over the past years John has introduced the lightest head in the range the 100gr Spirit to suit the sight shooting marker. Also changed the appearance of the Heads and experimented with different packaging as well as expanding the market with dealers currently in USA, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Spain.

John Teitzel with Record Chital (Azis) Deer
Make it your goal to expose someone new to hunting each year! Take a friend or partner hunting and take the time to show them all of the various aspects of being in the outdoors. There is nothing more exciting than to watch someone that has never hunted become excited about hunting and the outdoors, do it for them, do it for yourself.

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