Tusker Heading
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How to get your Tusker Broadhead Shaving Sharp in under 5 minutes
Get the edge as even as possible the full length of the blade, I like an edge about 1/8" wide, it is a good strong cutting edge and it also keeps plenty of metal at the tip for bone breaking purpures ( with the longer pointer heads I prefer to chisel the point a bit 1/8") do this with your file.

Now strop the head back and forth both sides on the leather until the feather edge is gone, this may take a bit of pressure and time to master.

When you are satisfied the feathered edge is gone, you Tusker Broad Head should have a keen sharp edge.
Caution - It is best to test the edge on a rubber band for sharpness,not on your skin, but at this stage it should be shaving sharp.
A simple test can also be done with a container and rubber bands to show the sharpness of your Broad head.
This is the cutting it will do to Arteries, blood vessels and vitals on the game you shoot.
Get the pleasure and excitement of taking your next trophy with a Broad head you honed yourself.

John Teitzel from Tusker Broad heads with the No 1 - Australian Axis (Chital) Deer taken with a Tusker Spirit.
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