Make it your goal to expose someone new to hunting each year! Take a friend or partner hunting and take the time to show them all of the various aspects of being in the outdoors. There is nothing more exciting than to watch someone that has never hunted become excited about hunting and the outdoors, do it for them, do it for yourself.

Tusker DVDs
Dangerous Game Down Under
Come on a hunt of a lifetime with John Teitzel
(Tully Australia) and Dave White (Utah, USA) into Central Arnhamland Hunting Australia's most feared game animal the Asian Water Buffalo, see Bull Buffalo's taken with Recurve and Compound Bows in this remote wilderness. Running time - 59 min
Dangerous Game Down Under
Wandering the New England Ranges
Join John Teitzel & Jon Matsen on a hunt in the New England Ranges.
See fox's and Goats taken with Bow's. See the boy's whistle Fox's in from 100's of Metres and shoot them at their feet. They will also show you the tricks to successful Fox hunting.- Running time 58min
Wandering the Basalt
Join" Tusker video's "on a hunting adventure in the Basalt country of northern Australia.
See John his wife Carol and 2 young Tully Bowhunters take on some tusky Basalt Boars in this action packed production.- Running time 37 Mins
Boars and Barramundi in Outback Australia
Join John Teitzel and five mates on a canoeing adventure of a life-time - down one of Australia's major northern rivers.
...... featuring amazing wildlife, spectacular scenery, unbelievable crocodile footage and 12 wild boars, all falling to recurve bows, all in this remote area .....
...... see John manhandle a croc and hold it to the camera for all to see - then release it back to the wild ........

Join John Teitzel, Matthew Ellis and John Matson on this new and exciting adventure into the gulf country of northern Australia.
See them Bow hunt trophy boars and catch the much sort after barramundi.
Learn some tips and be amazed at some of the unbelievable antics they get up to.
Come join these boys on this unreal adventure in a true bowhunters paradise.

Join John Teitzel and fellow Bowhunter Kim Alderman on another bowhunting adventure through Tropical North Queensland Australia.
See John demonstrate his gear preparation at his home in Tully in the heart of the Wet Tropics in North Queensland.
Trip north and experience the contrast between the Wet Tropics and the Gulf Savannah, carefully protrayed throughout this film.
Catch the action as John and Kim tangle with some of Australias meanest feral Hogs.
10 trophy boars taken with a bow. If traditional and bare bowhunting is your passion?  Then this DVD is a must have.
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Boars and Barramundi 2
Back Pack Hunting for Hogs
Tusker Heading
Join Tusker Video Productions on a New Adventure into Australia's Gulf Country. See the boys Bow Hunt some Tusky Boars and get close and personal with some wild Boars, Crocodiles and Barramundi.
All in this exciting 60 min production.

John has filmed 1/2 of this production with a special camera attached to his bow - see this different footage from the hunters view -
New Bow Cam
Wandering the New England Ranges 2

Come on another adventure into the New England Tableland area to bow hunt Fallow Deer, Goats, Foxes, Pigs and more.
See the boys take some great game with traditional and modern bows all in the 60 min production.

John meets up with legendary Bow Hunter, Graeme Duff. He explains his technique on whistling & shooting foxes.
Graeme has taken over 1100 foxes to date with the bow.
Join John Teitzel and Spephen Musumeci on a backpack adventure into Northern Australia's Basalt country, see Chital Deer and Trophy Boars fall to their Bows.
Experience the ruggedness of this environment and its amazing wildlife all in this 60 min Production.

Recommended Viewing
MA 15+

Back Pack Hunting for Hogs 2
Learn Tips on Basic BowHunting in this 70 minute Production.
With John Teitzel and Graham Cash.

- Compound Bow Set Up
- Recurve Bow Set Up
- Arrow Fletching
- Shot Placement On Game
- Broadhead Sharpening
- Game Meat Recovery
- and much more.

Bowhunting  Tip's  For  Beginners
Recommended Viewing    Rated  'G'
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Hunting Australia -  Northern New South Wales

Viewing time 60 minutes

In this 60 minute DvD you will join John & Carol from Tusker Productions
Traveling south into Northern New South Wales in puruit of Fallow Deer,
Wild Boars, Trophy Goats and Fox's.
See Them stake in close and take some great game with their bows.
Hunting Australia - Cape York

Viewing time 112 minutes

Join Tusker Productions on an adventure up into Cape York in Northern Australia.
See Trophy Boars taken with Traditional and modern bows also see John & Carol
Bowhunt some Trophy Sharks in the waters of Torres Strait.
John will also meet up with other Bowhunters in this remote region and join them on there hunts.
See amazing footage and wildlife in this remote but beautiful country.
Boars and Barramundi 2