Manufactured from high carbon spring steel, spot welded ferrules and 50 - 52 Rockwell C hardness blades.

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Tusker glue on Broad  Heads
Tusker DVDs
John Teitzel from Tusker Australia has been filming Bow hunts since 1993 and these are a collection of DvD's he has on the market for your enjoyment.

If you love the thrill end excitement of spot and stalk Bow Hunting these DvD's are for you.

Hunting is our heritage and we all need to pass on our hunting heritage to the next generation!
Make it your goal to expose someone new to hunting each year! Take a friend or partner hunting and take the time to show them all of the various aspects of being in the outdoors. There is nothing more exciting than to watch someone that has never hunted become excited about hunting and the outdoors, do it for them, do it for yourself.

Tusker Heading
Tusker has a Broad Heads weight & design to suit every Bow Hunters requirements, whether hunting Rabbits & fox or the mighty Boar and Buffalo.
Tusker Broad Heads are solid 2 blade heads for strength and penetration.

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